Environmental sustainability
We in Quadrant take part in the preserving of the environment by reasonable use of resources and energy.

The company is:


- Taking part in the campaign of BTV to clean Bulgaria for 1 day


- Owns a system for waste separation in all production and distribution centers


- Member of EKOBULPACK –  one of the biggest recycling organization in Bulgaria


- Factory gasification as of March 2012


- Hot Filling of PET Bottles


- Decreasing Cleaning times (CIP) in each plant and line


- Waste Water Treatment Plants for each of our Production Centers 


- All Bottles light weighting


- System for waste separation in all production and distribution centers


- System for waste separation in head office


- Establishment of a program to reduce the use of printer paper and implement second hand usage of printer paper


- Organizing educational groups and events for promoting the green and environment concern among young people


- Initiating and Supporting the sport –  half marathon Tole-run 2013


- Co-organizing sport tournaments for the schools and other sport events


…and many others. We at Quadrant Beverages give emotion to our customers with every sip of our products. We are trying to make your day more joyful with our products but also with our social responsibility care.