Human sustainability
Quadrant has a strong social position. It is important for us to be part of the social life in Bulgaria by supporting meaningful causes and initiatives.


- Charity for children’s house in Varna – project with St. Constantine and Elena


- SOS donations


- Supporting international women’s club charity bazaar


- Supporting Anglo-American school


- Supporting the ”Do Good” Project of the Organization of Jews in Bulgaria  “Shalom”


- 1st June activities for the children in different cities


- Participation in Junior Achievement Internship Program


- Support for the victims of the attack in Burgas


- Supporting and initiating the SHI project to increase the level of medical edication in Bulgaria, a joint venture with SHEBA hospital in Tel Aviv Israel.


…and many others. We at Quadrant Beverages give emotion to our customers with every sip of our products. We are trying to make your day more joyful with our products but also with our social responsibility care.