This document (The Terms) contains the terms of use of the website www.qbb.bg (The Website) – a virtual Internet source of information owned by Quadrant Beverages AD, which provides opportunity for users to command various services or search information via hyperlinks to the sources of information on other websites beyond the control of Quadrant Beverages AD.
The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement made by and between Quadrant Beverages AD and the User containing with the terms of use of the website incorporated herein. The Terms take effect after user logs in for the first time. They are applicable to visits and use of the website and are valid for the time-of-use of the website. User shall be solely responsible for his/her actions at the time-of-use of the website.
1.1. User is a natural or juridical person that commands the services of Quadrant Beverages AD and the resources of the website www.qbb.bg. Quadrant Beverages AD provides access for users to all resources published on the website as to:
  • text-based, graphics, audio or visual content developed by Quadrant Beverages AD for the website users.
  • Other resources.
1.2. All images are published on the website to give users an idea of the goods/service concept but do not purport to give a true and fair presentation. Images of goods or services on the website (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations, etc.) may not fully match the outward appearance of the goods or convey false impression of the services actually provided
1.3. Use, reproduction, modification or exhibition of the website content, whether partly or fully, without the express consent of Quadrant Beverages AD, is prohibited by law and falls foul of the law.
1.4. Users’ right of access shall not extend to information, content or resource copy or reproduction rights or intellectual property rights in so far as it refers to a very small amount of private information without detriment to the legal interests of authors or any other intellectual property right holders provided information copy or reproduction is only made for non-profit use. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Users shall not remove the trade mark distinctive signs and requisites of other intellectual property right off the content he/she has access to, whether the intellectual property right holder is Quadrant Beverages AD or their customers, any other website user or third parties.
1.5. When using the website, Users should:
  • comply with the effective Bulgarian law, applicable international law, the Terms, the Rule of Internet Etiquette or the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct;
  • not infringe upon and respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the members of the state and the human rights according to the Constitution, the law of the Republic of Bulgaria and the applicable international laws and regulations;
  • not harm other persons’ reputation or call upon coercive measures aimed at forcible change to the existing constitutional order, committing a crime, violence and abuse against people, instigate racial, national, ethnical or faith-based hatred and hostility or disseminate fascism or other anti-democratic ideologies;
  • not infringe upon others’ material or non-material rights and interests as to the ownership rights, intellectual property rights, etc.;
  • immediately inform Quadrant Beverages AD of perpetrated or detected violation of the terms of use of services provided;
  • not pretend to be another person or legal representative of a natural person or a group of people not duly authorize to represent or mislead in any other way third parties regarding his/her true identity.
1.6. When using the website, users should not do or perform any dishonest acts and deeds – an action or inaction that may be deemed to be detrimental to the Rule of Internet Etiquette or harmful to persons related to Internet or associated webs, sending unsolicited messages (SPAM, JUNKMAIL), flooding channels (FLOOD), gaining access to the resources by using other persons’ rights or passwords, making improper use of the system flaws to their own benefit or obtaining information (HACK) or taking any other actions deemed to be an industrial espionage or sabotage, system or data file damage or failure (CRACK), sending Troyan horses or trigger virus remote control system installation attacks, disruption of the normal course of operation of other users on the Internet and the associated webs or taking any other action that may be deemed to be an offence or administrative violation of the Bulgarian law or the laws of any other states.
2.1. Since resources provided by Quadrant Beverages AD are diverse and always kept edited and modified for the purpose of improving the customer service satisfaction or widening the scope of services provided, services may be unilaterally modified by Quadrant Beverages AD from time to time in terms of number, functionality or service delivery framework (free of charge or upon registration).
2.2. Quadrant Beverages AD shall duly inform users of the Terms as amended from time to time by a message published in a prominent place on the website.
2.3. Quadrant Beverages AD preserves the right to disable access of any or all users to the website, whether partly or fully, in the event of suspected violation of the Terms or the applicable law.
3.1. All content elements of the website www.qbb.bg, incl. design, software applications, data bases, text, patterns, graphics, drafts or any other information or its elements are subjects to copyright in line with the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law and are owned by Quadrant Beverages AD or any other third parties specified herein.
3.2. All contents and resources provided by Quadrant Beverages AD are intended for private use only. Users shall not be entitled to use the content and resources published on the website www.qbb.bg for business and/or for profit purposes.
3.3. In the event the content and resources on the website are stored on users’ computer or printed out for private or non-profit use, users should store and ensure all copies have copyright guidelines drawn up by Quadrant Beverages AD or third parties attached thereto.
4.1. Quadrant Beverages AD has right but not obligation to retain the used contents and resources published on the website www.qbb.bg.
4.2. Access to the website resources shall not extend to computer hardware peripherals and connections for data packet transfers between users and the website necessary to provide access to the resources of the website. Quadrant Beverages AD shall not be responsible if users are unable to access the website for reasons beyond the control of Quadrant Beverages AD (hardware, software, Internet connection issues, etc.).
4.3. Quadrant Beverages AD shall not provide guarantee that the resources provided by them are unaffected by computer viruses, Troyan horses or other similar programs or systems which may disrupt the normal operations of computer systems.
4.4. Quadrant Beverages AD shall not be responsible for the content of any other websites accessible via hyperlinks on the website or the consequences that may occur in connection with use of any other websites
4.5. Users use website content and resources at their own risk and responsibility. Quadrant Beverages AD shall not be responsible for damages of any kind caused to users by use of website content and resources, if not intentionally inflicted.
4.6. Quadrant Beverages AD shall not be responsible for damages of any kind caused to software, hardware or telecommunication equipment or data loss arising from contents or resources searched, unloaded or used in one way or another when using the services.
4.7. Quadrant Beverages AD shall not guarantee error free resources continuity.
4.8. Quadrant Beverages AD has right to use its own discretion to suspend delivery of accessible content and resources on the website.
4.9. Except in case of intent or gross negligence, Quadrant Beverages AD shall not be responsible to users for damages of any kind, whether on contract basis or not, arising from or in connection with the website, including but not limited to ability or inability to use the website, use or reference to the content on the website.
5.1. Regarding use of the website, Quadrant Beverages AD, in the capacity of a personal data administrator, may process users’ personal data. Quadrant Beverages AD shall keep in strict confidence users’ personal data in compliance with the effective data protection law. Moreover Quadrant Beverages AD may collect information of users’ location in the Internet web space (eg. domain or entry URL, IP address), users’ browsers, pages visited on the website or search words on the website. Further information is available in the Website Privacy and Cookies Policies of Quadrant Beverages AD published on the website.
6.1. In the event any clause of the Terms is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, whether partly of fully, for any reason whatsoever, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any or all clauses of the Terms.
6.2. Any or all disclaimers made by Quadrant Beverages AD shall not be deemed a waiver of their rights arising from previous or subsequent violation of any or all clauses of the Terms
6.3. These Terms are made and shall be interpreted according to the Bulgarian law.